Cooking Recipes

Make a Household Favorite More Healthy

Many beloved dishes might be enjoyed more often if they were only a little healthier. Author and former personal chef Michelle Dudash was once asked by a client if the she could make a healthier version of chicken parmesan. The result of that request is the following recipe for "Skinny Chicken Parmesan with Spinach," which Dudash ultimately included in her book, "Clean Eating For Busy Families" (Fair Winds). The recipe was a hit with Dudash's client and will surely be a hit at home cooks' dinner tables as well.

Potpie with a Twist

As warm weather slowly turns cold, certain dishes that don't make much sense serving during the summer start to sound more appealing. Potpie is one such dish. Cooks who want to try something new with potpie can try the following recipe for "Tortellini & Pancetta Potpie" from Elinor Klivans' "Potpies: Yumminess in a Dish" (Chronicle Books).

Contemporary Italian Cuisine from a Famed Chef

Italian cuisine is among the most beloved in the world. Fans of Italian food can get a taste of contemporary Italian fare thanks to famed chef Michael White, who shares a host of recipes, like the following for "Agnolotti Filled With Ricotta and Spinach" in "Fiamma: The Essence of Contemporary Italian Cooking" (John Wiley & Sons).

Serving up Sunday brunch

Sunday brunch is a popular trend that often finds families and friends gathering at a restaurant for a midday meal. But brunch afficionados need not visit a nearby restaurant to enjoy their meals. The following recipe for "Pan-Fried Eggs and Mixed Mushroom Saute on Toasted Sourdough Slices" from Betty Rosbottom's "Sunday Brunch" (Chronicle Books) is an easy and simple alternative to restaurant brunch.

Enjoy International Cuisine at Home

Enjoying the cuisine of other countries is a popular reason to travel. Many foodies have found their love of food has taken them overseas, opening doors not only to international cuisine but international culture as well.

For those who can't afford or find the time to travel abroad, it's easy to bring the cuisines of other cultures into your own home. Doing so can still shed light on other cultures while also turning dinner time into something to look forward to. Those interested in learning about Spanish cuisine should consider the following recipe for "Sage and Canela-Rubbed Lamb Chops With Grilled Peaches" from James Campbell Caruso's "Espana: Exploring the Flavors of Spain" (Gibbs Smith).

Indian Cuisine with a Little Less Kick

Indian cuisine is known the world over for its flavorful and often spicy dishes. But not every Indian dish is overwhelmingly spicy. For those who want the flavor but not necessarily the kick of Indian cuisine, this mildly spicy recipe for "Vegetables With a Minty Lamb and Rice Stuffing" from Ruta Kahate's "5 Spices, 50 Dishes" (Chronicle Books) is sure to please.

Enjoy a Light & Healthy Lunch

A healthy lunch can help men and women be that much more productive come the afternoon. After eating a heavy lunch, many people understandably feel sluggish, making the afternoon drag and their productivity sag. But a light, healthy lunch, such as the following recipe for "Roasted Delicata Squash With Tuscan Kale" from Laurey Masterton's "The Fresh Honey Cookbook" (Storey Publishing), can help men and women maintain their energy levels all day long.

A Dessert to Delight Hosts & Guests Alike

No matter how delicious a main course may be, a great dessert has a way of being the most memorable part of a meal. Perhaps because it's the final thing a person eats during a meal or maybe because diners tend to find dessert irresistible, the final course, when done correctly, makes a lasting impression.

Vegetable Stir-Fry Illustrates How Delicious a Vegetarian Diet can Be

Men and women who do not adhere to a vegetarian lifestyle may think such a diet is monotonous and bland. However, many vegetarian dishes are full of flavor, which is why many people who transition from more traditional diets to vegetarian alternatives often discover that such a conversion is not as difficult as they anticipated.

Those who want to try a vegetarian dish with some flavor should consider the following recipe for "Spiced Vegetable Stir-Fry" courtesy of Hugo Arnold's "The Wagamama Cookbook" (Kyle Books).

Cook Up Japanese Cuisine in Your Own Kitchen

Many people may feel Japanese cuisine can only be enjoyed in Japan or out on the town. But those with access to the bevy of ingredients in Japanese dishes like "Seared Autumn Bonito Sashimi With Apple Mustard Dressing" from Takashi Sugimoto and Marcia Iwatate's "Shunju: New Japanese Cuisine" (Peripplus) can enjoy Japanese cuisine in the comforts of home.

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