Cooking Recipes

Homemade Pizza with a Tasty Twist

Few foods are as popular as pizza. Whether you're a vegetarian or someone who prefers pizza topped with pepperoni, chances are you can find some form of this beloved dish that will tickle your foodie fancy.

Grilling Not Exclusive to Summer

Grilling is often associated with summertime soirées with friends and family in the backyard. But truly devoted grillmasters see no reason why the grill can't be fired up year-round.

Try Something New in the Kitchen

Trying new recipes is part of the joy of cooking for many amateur and even professional cooks and chefs. Oftentimes, fun can be had when trying foreign cuisine that's not easily found at grocery stores or nearby restaurants. Those who want to try a taste of Vietnamese from the comforts of home can indulge in the following recipe for "Fried Glass Noodles with Fish or Eel (Mien Xao Luon)" from "Vietnamese Home Cooking" (Periplus) by Robert Carmack, Didier Corlou and Nguyen Thanh Van.

Slow Cooking is Convenient and Delicious

Slow cooking has become very popular in recent years. The convenience of slow cooking, which allows home cooks to begin preparing meals in the morning or afternoon and then enjoy a delicious dinner without having to put in much work after a day at the office, no doubt plays a big role in that popularity.

Ice Cream Made Right at Home

Ice cream is perhaps one of the most popular foods in the world. While many people visit their local ice cream parlor or grocery store frozen food aisle to satisfy their ice cream fix, this delicious and often decadent dessert can be made right at home. Those who want to try their hands at homemade ice cream should consider the following recipe for "Caramelized Honey Ice Cream With Rosemary and Orange" from Lori Longbotham's "Luscious Creamy Desserts" (Chronicle Books).

Simple Meal Tailor-Made for Busy Families

Many families strive to eat dinner together every night, but family schedules tend to be hectic. Still, simple recipes can make it that much easier to routinely sit down to family meals no matter how busy everyone's lives become.

Impress Guests with Restaurant-Quality Appetizer

Hosting for the holidays comes with many responsibilities. One of the biggest such responsibilities is feeding guests. While turkey may be the go-to entrée at the holiday dinner table, hosts have a little more leeway with regard to appetizers and snacks served before the meal.

Host a Delicious Holiday Brunch

Many people host friends and family during the holiday season. Holiday dinners may garner the bulk of hosts' attention, but overnight guests need to eat breakfast and lunch as well. Brunch can save hosts some work and give families a great opportunity to break bread without some of the formalities that may accompany holiday dinners. This holiday season, consider serving this ideal brunch recipe for "Farfalle with Crabmeat, Asparagus, Scrambled Eggs, Garlic, and Herbs" from Norman Kolpas' "Buongiorno! Breakfast and Brunch, Italian Style" (Contemporary Books).

'Tis the Season for Gingerbread Cookies

The holiday season is dominated by tradition. Families typically have their own unique traditions, but certain practices are so widely popular that they have become synonymous with the holiday season. Such is the case with certain foods, including gingerbread cookies. Gingerbread cookies can be enjoyed year-round, but many people only enjoy this tasty treat during the holiday season. For those who can't wait to indulge in gingerbread cookies this year, consider this recipe for "Soft Glazed Gingerbread" from Elisabeth M. Prueitt and Chad Robertson's "Tartine" (Chronicle Books).

Secrets to Holiday Baking Success

Baking is popular come the holiday season, when baked goods are often gifted or shared with family and friends at holiday gatherings. Individuals turn out sweet treats left and right, and these treats are often gobbled up by appreciative holiday revelers.

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