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Enjoy Restaurant-Quality Barbecue in Your Backyard

Few cuisines are as beloved as barbecue. Barbecue aficionados will travel far and wide to try a new barbecue joint, but those who can handle a grill need not leave their properties to whip up a delicious meal. The following recipe for "Barbecued Shrimp" from Neal Corman's "Virgil's Barbecue Road Trip Cookbook" (St. Martin's Press) is flavorful and simple, making it an ideal meal for barbecue fans who enjoy making their own meals.

Fish Makes a Fast, Convenient Meal

Home cooks love fish because it is flavorful and often simple to prepare. Fish also does not take too long to cook, making it a perfect meal for busy professionals or families.

Spring Ushers in Grilling Season

The return of warm weather is synonymous with many things. For men and women who love to grill, spring marks a return to grilling their favorite foods and dining outdoors.

A Family Meal that Packs a Light, Flavorful Punch

Many people aspire to eat light meals that satisfy hunger pangs without creating feelings of fullness. Some may assume light meals must be lacking flavor, but the following recipe for "Silken Chicken" from Madhur Jaffrey's "Quick & Easy Indian Cooking" (Chronicle Books) is light and packs that familiar flavorful punch that endears Indian cuisine to millions of people across the globe.

Experiment with Japanese at Home

Experimentation draws many people to cooking. Amateur cooks who are passionate about food can't wait for the opportunity to prepare a meal that strays from the norm while testing their culinary skills.

Put a Healthy Spin on an old Family Favorite

Meatloaf is a dinnertime staple for many families. A favorite of adults and children alike, meatloaf can be prepared however cooks see fit, making it a versatile dish for family dinners. Parents who want to enjoy meatloaf with their families and do so while promoting healthy diets can try the following recipe for "Turkey, Vegetable & Oat Mini-Meatloaves with Marinara Sauce" from Michelle Dudash's "Clean Eating For Busy Families" (Fair Winds).

Flavorful Shrimp Makes an Ideal App

The right appetizer can add style and substance to homecooked meals. Hosts who want to impress their guests with a delicious first course can try the following recipe for "Finger-Lickin' Shrimp" courtesy of Bob Blumer's "Surreal Gourmet Bites" (Chronicle).

A Tailor-Made Tart for Brunch

Brunch is a great way to enjoy a lazy weekend morning and early afternoon. Unlike the hustle and bustle of weekdays, weekend mornings can often be enjoyed at a more leisurely pace.

Homemade Hummus with Truly Unique Taste

Hummus provides a delicious and healthy alternative to less nutritional dips. Versatile and available in various flavors, hummus can be whipped up at home for those who prefer to make their own dips. The following recipe for "Garbanzo-Carrot Hummus with Grilled Yogurt Flatbread" from James Campbell Caruso's "España: Explore the Flavors of Spain" (Gibbs Smith) includes some Moroccan flavors that give this easy-to-prepare recipe a truly unique taste.

Surprise Guests with Savory Gourmet Grilled Cheese

The apple is a versatile fruit that can be used in everything from desserts to breakfast foods to savory dishes for dinner. While reaching its peak season in the autumn, apples continue to be widely available throughout the year, and most supermarkets carry up to five varieties of popular apples to pick from.

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